How to build backlinks with startup directories

How to build backlinks with startup directories
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What are directory backlinks?

As we know, backlinks are a critical ranking factor used by Google. The more links you have from relevant and high-quality pages, the higher your site ranking is. So what are directory backlinks? Directories are websites that allow you to submit your business and have it appeared somewhere on the internet. In addition, most of these sites let you submit your website URL to create backlinks for your website. Places like Yelp and Indie Hackers are examples of directories you can get backlinks from.

Unique benefits of directory backlinks

Often time, it's tough to build initial backlinks for a new website that hasn't established its credibility yet. Directory backlinks offer foundational links that can create a diverse backlink profile. Moreover, it's cheap to build backlinks through directories. Many directories provide free listings, and you don't need any technical skills either. In the long run, these backlinks can increase trust and Domain Authority as well.

It's easy to build directory backlinks.

When it comes to building backlinks for your site, directory backlinks should be some of the first links you build because they are easy to set up and are pretty much guaranteed.

I compiled this list of startup directories below for you to create a considerable amount of backlinks in a short period without the need for research.